How to Open Apk Files

How to Open Apk Files Installing Apps on Your Android Device Want to know how to open APK files on PC and how to open them on your mobile device? Well this article is just for you. Many people want to use their mobile phone or tablet to access the Internet but they do not want to be bothered with installation and downloading it.

On the contrary, people who own mobile phones would rather download an app for their device. That is why many developers have made a way how to open APK files on your computer so you can easily download and enjoy your favorite apps without hassle.

First things first, you need to back up your device so you can restore it in case anything goes wrong. TheNigerianweb has made it really easy for you on how to open APK files on PC.

Follow the steps as follow walk you smoothly through the procedure of how to open APK files on your Android, iPhone or Windows. However, before you start, make sure you have the latest version of android.

Once you have backed up your device, you can transfer the backed up APK files to PC.

To do that just download the free “APK Spy” application from the Google play store. This application works very well. It can easily identify and repair broken or corrupt files in your Android device. You can also restore your files with the help of this application.

How to Open Apk Files
How to Open Apk Files


Now that you have downloaded the APK Spy application, let’s get started how to open APK files on PC. You will need to insert your device into the computer and connect it via usb. Run the program called “APK Spy” by clicking on the tool icon.

It is very easy to use and no complicated steps are required. It will install a bootable flash drive and once you plug in the drive, it will automatically install the apk files on your windows machine.

If your iPhone, BlackBerry or iPad runs on iOS platform, you can also use this program to install unknown apps in your device. Just like on the windows system, installing an app is a simple step. Simply select the folder where you want to install the app and follow the prompts. In case of iPod touch, select the application and follow the same steps.

To successfully install the ios gadgets, you need the adb drivers along with the drivers for the device and the computer.

If you do not have these, you need to download them separately. Once the adb drivers are downloaded, you need to click on the drive icon and click the option ‘install’. Now your device is ready to accept installation of new unknown apps on it.

Apart from the installation of the apps, there are some other things you may need to perform during the installation process. First of all, set the preferred user settings, such as the wallpaper, theme and keyboard. Next, you need to change the settings so that they will work properly on your android gadget. For this purpose, you can use the settings utility available on the mobile device or on the computer.

After changing the settings, connect your smartphone or tablet to the computer using the USB cable.

Open the folder where you have saved the captured APK files. Copy all the files from the device to the desktop or the USB storage. Finally, transfer the captured APK files to your desktop or the USB storage. Your newly installed apps are ready to use.

7-Zip is widely known as the world’s most popular data compression utility. This utility is useful for extraction of large files from various file formats such as HEX, WMM and PNG. To use this utility, you need to download and install it. Once the program is installed, it will start to run and will display the list of files that can be compressed. Select the files that you want to extract and then let the program to compress the files.

After compression, you can now install apk files onto your android device. You need to launch the program and then click on the option ‘manage’. Next, click on the option ‘intonual install’ and then let the program to transfer the files to the appropriate location on your device.

How to open apk files is not a difficult process.

You just need to follow these simple steps. Once you install one or more apps on your android device, you may encounter some problems such as missing or corrupted files, damaged or invalid apks or settings. The main cause of such problem is improper installation. If you do not wish to lose the data on your android device, you should always make sure that the programs that you install on your device are supported by the manufacturer’s official support.

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