Sad news for those who want to play Back 4 Blood offline

Bad news for players who want to play Back 4 Blood offline came from the game’s developer, Turtle Rock Studios.

Sad news for those who want to play Back 4 Blood offlineSad news for those who want to play Back 4 Blood offline

Developed by the creators of Left 4 Dead (L4D), Back 4 Blood (B4B) looks like Left 4 Dead 3 . Although the game, which excited many players with its graphics and new enemies, looks good, some bad decisions were made in the background.


Back 4 Blood will require constant internet connection

The game was presented to players with new images at the E3 2021 events. But during E3, a player posed a question to B4B developer Turtle Rock Studios . A Twitter user named to phoenixka Turtle Rock Studios, ” Back 4 Blood , AI Is it playable offline with your teammates? I wanted to ask if it says ‘online required’ in the PS Store. I really want to know before I buy, please.” posed the question. Turtle Rock Studios added, “We’re exploring ways we can support it offline in the future, but you’ll need an internet connection to play when the game is released.” gave the answer.

It is possible that the game will support offline play in the future, but there is no date for when that will arrive. Until this development comes into the game, players must have a constant internet connection to play B4B . Like B4B, Square Enix ‘s Outriders game requires constant internet connection. Moreover, Outriders was giving players a lot of server problems when it first came out. Although months have passed since the game’s release, players are still experiencing problems such as internet and server connections. When you lose your connection to the servers in Outriders , the game will dismiss you wherever you are in the mission and your time will be wasted. B4B’s servers should be fine given these issues.

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